Search Engine Optimisation: SEO Tipps


Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are sources of targeted traffic. Users search for a topic and are directed via search to your website. Ranking high on these search can boost traffic tremendously and increase earning exponentially. Statistics have shown the that top 3 search results account for over 70% of all traffic. This means your goal should be to reach the top 3 rank positions for any of the keywords you are targeting. This app will serve as a guide and a reference for helping you achieve these rankings. 
Keyword Research is the basis of SEO and with the correct set of keywords, you can boost traffic to your website efficiently. This guide will cover On-Page SEO techniques which will make your website more compatible with Search Engine Crawlers and help you target the keywords you want. There are two schools of thought when it comes to SEO: Whitehat and Blackhat. While neither one is illegal, Whitehat incorporates techniques that are natural such as link building and blog partnerships. Blackhat on the other hand, uses techniques such as spam and automated blog posting to simulate backlinks. The difference between the two is Search Engines' acceptance of Whitehat SEO techniques and opposition against Blackhat techniques. Blackhat techniques can lead to blacklisting of your website, which removes your listings from Search Engines if they believe your website has unnatural rankings. This guide will only look at WhiteHat SEO techniques because they're easier to understand and more straight forward to follow. Lastly, rankings are constantly updated. In order to sustain high rankings, you will need to stay up to date with Search Engine updates and continuously update your website.


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